Mike Falkenstine

Mike Falkenstine is the President of One Eight Catalyst, a ministry motivated by a deep conviction to reach unreached people groups in China. Mike and his wife Sherie live in Lone Tree, CO with their three kids and one Wheaton Terrier.

Mike's book on Christianity in China, The Chinese Puzzle, was  named by ChinaSource as a recommended book on Christianity in China.

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A Reader Responds to “The Chinese Bible”

A reader with years of experience in rural Bible distribution responds to "The Chinese Bible"

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Ethical Foundations for China Service

I have been involved actively in China ministry since 1996. I often tell people that those years have been some of the most exciting times for China, her government and her church. Just as I was actively getting involved, the Chinese government was beginning to wrestle with what place people of faith could have in Chinese society. It seems clear that they are still wrestling with that question today!

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Sanjiang Church: The Basics of Christianity in China

As the news of the battle for Sanjiang Church in Wenzhou began to break over the last week and I read the accounts, I was reminded again why fully understanding Christianity in China from the West is so hard.