Lisa Tsai

Lisa Tsai (pseudonym) is a trained family therapist from China and has done research on the needs of cross-cultural workers sent out from China.

Supporting Article

Marital Issues Facing Chinese Missionaries

Marital satisfaction greatly affects missionaries’ effectiveness and length of ministry. After looking at reasons missionary marriages succeed, Tsai provides suggestions for providing support for Chinese missionaries.

Blog Entries

Preparing for Cross-Cultural Ministry?

Six Recommendations from a Family Counselor

Chinese missionaries need to be prepared for the challenges and stressors of the mission field. A family counselor who is involved in member care has six recommendations for how to prepare beforehand and how to meet challenges once in the field.

Blog Entries

Concerns of Cross-Cultural Workers from China

Ever wonder how cross-cultural workers from China evaluate themselves or their fellow workers? Would the issues be the same as workers from other locations?