Kim-Kwong Chan

The Rev. Kim-Kwong Chan, PhD, DTh, is the Executive Secretary of the Hong Kong Christian Council.

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本土化宣教运动 历史的回顾

The Indigenous Mission Movement from China: A Historical Review

过去一百多年来,为数甚多的中国本土化宣传运动,可概括地归纳为福音出中国、出中华、及出中原三大类别。本文为读者简介其中最重要的… …

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The Indigenous Mission Movement from China [2]

A Historical Review

For more than a century, there have been many indigenous mission movements from China, from Chinese, as well as from Central-coastal China that have experimented with mission endeavors. This article looks briefly at the most important of these undertakings by individuals and by groups.

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Missiological Implications of Chinese Christians in Europe

The author tells us where Mainland Chinese are found in Europe, what they are involved in and their relationships to Christianity. He discusses their ties with established European Chinese churches, their impact upon the church in China as many return to their homeland and the outreach of European churches to the Chinese diaspora among them.

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Chinese Christianity and Global Mission

With the enthusiasm of China's global ambition and the rapid growth of the Chinese Christian community one of the fastest growing churches in modern times with unofficial figures ranging from 35 million to 80 million, one may easily speculate on a merging of these two elements into a new missiological movement. These three emerging issues of Chinese Christianity may have a bearing on contemporary global mission: the diasporic Chinese community, Chinese Christian merchants the Wenzhou Christians, and the Back to Jerusalem Movement (BTJ).

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The Involvement of Hong Kong Churches in China

Hong Kong has been the window to China during the past fifty years. Hong Kong churches have been and continue to use their access to the Mainland to serve the church in China.

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The Interior Decoration Tycoon of Shanghai

The story of Jiang Jiexue, one of China's Christian entrepreneurs.

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China’s WTO Accession—One Year Later

An overview of China’s social, economic, and religious situations on the first anniversary of China’s WTO accession.

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A New Marriage Law in China

What are the provisions found in the Revised Marriage Law and the implications of those provisions?

Book Reviews

Understanding China

Contemporary China by Alan Hunter and John Sexton.

Reviewed by Kim-kwong Chan

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China’s Migrant Population

China's unprecedented urban migration and its challenge to China's Christians.