Joyce Stauffer

Joyce Stauffer lived and worked in various cities in China for over 30 years. She returned to her roots in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania just over a year ago. She juggles various responsibilities and jobs as she continues to adjust to life in the USA. And she blogs at

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Caring for Elderly Parents in China

Through the Eyes of an American

"Faithful love in action" as Chinese adult children care for their aging parents.

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Navigating the Complexities of Giving and Receiving Gifts

“Fresh off the boat,” an old phrase referring to new arrivals, described me well in 1983 as I began my new life as an overseas worker in Hong Kong. Being quite naïve about Chinese culture, I was excited to hear from my colleagues that I would receive a beautiful silk jacket from our Chinese co-workers as they had in years past. And during Chinese festivals I would receive other special gifts and be invited to delicious banquets—it all sounded wonderful to me!

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The Ache

A long-time worker in China shares what it is like to return "home."