Jolene Kinser

Jolene Kinser

Having spent much of the time between 1997 and 2020 committed to working overseas in China, Jolene Kinser now lives in southern California. Jolene works as a global Chinese peacemaking ministry developer and educator and as a peacemaking specialist under the South Pacific District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Jolene is passionate about helping people resolve conflict, restore peace, and experience reconciliation both with God and others. Using biblically based principles, Jolene specializes in working with people who are Chinese or who live and work in a Chinese or multi-cultural context. Jolene’s education background includes a BA in Linguistics and Religious Studies from UC Davis (1997), an MA in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Seminary (2002), and a PhD in Intercultural Education from Biola University (2020). For more information, check out Jolene’s website:

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Peacemaking in China


People shared their conflict stories, how they viewed face issues (saving, giving, and losing face), the hindering impact of face on reconciliation, and how God enabled them to set aside face to apologize and forgive…They have demonstrated that conflict resolution and relational restoration in face-saving cultures is possible!