John Peace

John Peace, Ph.D., is a pen name for a scholar who has worked among Chinese in Asia and America for 25 years.

Book Reviews

Jesus in Beijing

Jesus in Beijing: How Christianity is Transforming China and Changing the Global Balance of Power, by David Aikman.

Reviewed by John Peace

Book Reviews

Carving Out a New Life

Chinese Awakenings by James and Ann Tyson. Westview Press, 1995, 325 pp. ISBN, 0813324734, paperback. Cost: $28 at

Supporting Article

“Spiritual Pollution” in the Chinese Church?

The impact of philosopy, both from the east and the west, on the church in China.

Book Reviews

The Gospel, Philosophy, and Chinese Culture

Some Helpful Resources

A selection of books that provide an in-depth look at the relationships between the gospel, philosophy and Chinese culture.

Book Reviews

Christ on Trial

The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel.  

Chinese edition: Chong Shen Ye Su by Lee Strobel, translated by Li BoMing. 

Reviewed by John Peace

Book Reviews

The People of the Hour

The “Chinese” Way of Doing Things: Perspectives on American-Born Chinese and the Chinese Church in North America by Samuel Ling with Clarence Cheuk. 

A review by John Peace