Jacob Chengwei Feng

Jacob Chengwei Feng holds a Ph.D. degree in Theological Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is the Leader of Theology Interest Group at the Society for Pentecostal Studies and a Fellow at Oxford Interfaith Forum. He is a recipient of the 2024 ARTFinc prize offered by the journal Christian Perspective of Science and Technology and the Logos 2022 Scholarship.

Blog Entries

The Earliest Chinese Christianity Brought Back to Life

Readers [of Jingjiao] will not only be equipped with the fascinating history of Jingjiao, which helps overcome the anti-Christian narrative that Christianity was brought into China by European and American colonial imperialists. Christians and missionaries in various global cultural contexts will also benefit from this book by learning from the Church of the East missionaries’ creative strategies of inculturation.

Book Reviews

Chinese Theology for English-Language Readers

A review of A Reader in Chinese Theology edited by Chloë Starr, the best reader on Chinese theology available in English.