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Jackson Wu

Jackson Wu (pseudonym) has a PhD in Applied Theology from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, having earned an MDiv (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary), MA (Philosophy, Texas A&M), and a BS (Applied Mathematics, Texas A&M).

Wu is theologian-in-residence for Mission One, having previously served in East Asia first as a church planter and then as a professor for Chinese pastors.

He is the author of Saving God’s Face: A Chinese Contextualization of Salvation through Honor and Shame, One Gospel for All Nations: A Practical Approach to Biblical Contextualization and Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes: Honor and Shame in Paul’s Message and Mission as well as published journal articles. He maintains a blog at

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The Ministry of Women in the Chinese Church

A reader responds to the spring issue of CSQ with insightful observations and questions.

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6 Approaches to Contextualization in China

We know contextualization is important, but not everyone comes at it in the same way.

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A Dictionary for Learning Theological Chinese

Mandarin students spend years learning the basics of daily language and only scratch the surface when it comes to spiritual and theological vocabulary. Here's a resource to help.

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Training Cross-Cultural Workers to Cross Honor-Shame Cultures

How might Christians from one honor-shame culture effectively serve cross-culturally in another honor-shame culture?

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The 3D Gospel Is Now in Mandarin

A tool for understanding the need to contextualize ministry in light of different types of cultures.

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7 Reasons Why Sinicization Is Not Rhetoric This Time

Isn't this just propaganda, empty threats, or show. Haven’t we seen similar programs rolled out in the past?

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How Can Chinese Christians Foster a Reformation Spirit?

Today Christians celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. But why?

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Reflections on the Reformation 500 and the Gospel Conference

We caught up with our friend Jackson Wu at the Reformation 500 conference in Hong Kong and asked him to share his reflections on the conference.