Huo Shui

Huo Shui (pseudonym) is a former government political analyst who writes from outside China.


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Essays on a Changing China

The essays in this ebook, written by a Chinese scholar, were originally published in the ChinaSource Quarterly. Writing from a sociological perspective, Hou Shui offers a unique perspective on the church in China and its role in society, as well as its relationship to the party-state.

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Law and Policy Trends that Affect NGOs and Social Enterprises in China


Lead Article

Two Transformations

The Future of Christianity in China

As compared with any period in Chinese history, Christianity (meaning Protestant in this document) has experienced enormous changes in China today. However, achievement and problems exist simultaneously and challenges and opportunities coexist; this is an indisputable fact. People with different beliefs and standpoints have never come to consensus on their evaluation and understanding of Chinese Christianity. The current situation and the future of Christianity in China is in fact a question depending on one's perspective. This article attempts to organize the current situation and the problems of Christianity in China from an academic research point of view and suggests the route of its future development as well as the problems that must be solved.

Supporting Article

Responses to a Holistic Perspective on Transforming Nations, Part 2

ChinaSource asked for responses to Tom Jenning's article "A Holistic Perspective on Transforming Nations." The following, by Huo Shui, is the second of two responses that were given. Mike Barbalas responded in "Responses, Part 1."

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Law and Policy Trends that Affect NGOs and Social Enterprises in China

What factors are influencing the survival of NGOs in China?

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What Churches in China Need Today

The Living Water

There are key areas that agencies need to consider for their involvement in China to be effective and lasting.

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China’s Modern Family Problems

Internal migration is affecting the structure of Chinas families while urban family life presents problems of its own.

Peoples of China

China’s New Social Class

People's Entrepreneurs

A new social class has emerged in China, one that is impacting China and the world. The extreme wealth of the people's entrepreneurs has given them power and opportunity to influence and directly affect Chinese society on many levels.

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China’s New Reality: Globalization

The effects of globalization on all areas of life in China an overview that sees both the positive effects and the negative.

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Between Riches and Poverty: Chinese Christian Business People

In China, the number of Christians is growing constantlyeven the official figure is increasing. The latest estimate from the TSPM/CCC is sixteen million Christians. Among these Christians are a group of people who are busy with their business on weekdays but worship God on weekends; they are the Chinese Christian business people.