Henry Banks

Henry Banks

Henry Banks (pseudonym) has worked in cross-cultural church planting and education in the Americas, Asia and Africa for the last 15 years, with a more recent focus on China. He has worked with scores of Chinese leaders and teachers in Chinese unregistered schools in a dozen cities, and with hundreds of pioneering Chinese homeschool parents.

Blog Entries

On the Horns of an Educational Dilemma

American Christian parents face tough decisions about to how to best provide for their children’s education. But the toughest part is often deciding between a comparatively rich supply of good and legal options – local Christian schools, homeschooling (with a nearly overwhelming array of good curriculum and  models), co-ops, hybrid homeschool/co-op, on-line Christian school, sometimes a good public school influenced by Christian teachers and administrators. All these choices offer their children a quality education and a clear path into college and the workplace.

Consider the two basic choices facing Chinese Christian parents.