Frank Peterson

Frank Peterson has been engaged in mobilizing Christians to serve the peoples of China for more than 21 years. He is currently living and working in China.

Peoples of China

The Growing Church in China’s Cities

A look at the urban church today (2009).

Peoples of China

Reaching Urban Professionals

A Christian Chinese doctor stood with a small group of Chinese believers on the 20th floor of a hotel overlooking their city. He asked them to take a good look at the city below. "There are 400,000 people out there who have never heard the gospel," he said. "Unless we do something about it, they are going to die and go to hell." Deeply moved, the believers responded with commitment. Six months later the group of eight Christians had grown to 96 and is still growing. One man boldly shared his burden, and now others are boldly sharing the gospel.

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Urban Consumers

What are those with disposable income buying in China?