Emily Steele Jackson

Emily Steele Jackson

Emily Steele Jackson first visited China in 1997, never expecting that she would fall in love with the country and culture. In 2005, after many years of preparing, she and her family moved to southern China to do language development with a minority group, and lived for a number of years in a rural town far outside the reach of McDonald's and Carrefour. She continues to love China, and enjoys finding humor in the challenges of everyday life. Find Emily's latest posts at smalltownlaowai.com.

Blog Entries

Americans Drive on the Left and Other Truths I’ve Learned

Years ago, I was having a conversation with my Malaysian friend, and we started talking about how Malaysia has a lot of British influence. “We drive on the right like they do,” my friend explained.

“Wait, what?” I thought I had heard her wrong, or that she had misspoken. “You mean you drive on the left like they do.”