eL has been engaged with China since the 1970s—in hands-on-ministry herself and in getting others to pray, give, send, and go. Now she seeks to develop more programs for deeper discipleship among women.

Lead Article

Women in Ministry in China

The Past 50 Years

The author provides an overview of women’s roles in the church over the past 40 to 50 years of its relatively open development in China. She notes the meaningful contributions women have made, challenges they face, and suggestions for dealing with them, as well as the role of outsiders.

Peoples of China

Women in China’s Protestant Church and Missions

In both church and mission in China, women make up the majority of workers; however, their contributions and circumstances can sometimes be overlooked. The author looks at how God has used women of bygone days to build his church in China. She discusses three examples of women as well as a trio of women who provided leadership and greatly impacted the development of China’s Protestant faith. She also provides a bibliography for those interested in further study of this topic.