Dwight Nordstrom

Dwight Nordstrom, B.A., M.B.A. is chairman of Pacific Resources International (PRI), a privately-held USA Holding Company for manufacturing investments in China, and a twenty year China BAM veteran.

Supporting Article

The Future of Business as Mission in China

A look at benefits of "business as mission" for China and the trends in the China that will affect its viability and potential impact.

Peoples of China

The Unique Role of Foreigners in Present Day China

Who are the foreigners that have gone to China in the past and today?


2006 China Business Conditions State of Affairs

A look at past and current business situations in China.


Open for Business

China is "open for business." This was not true twenty-five years ago. In order to "win" in China's marketplace, this author has found, inter alia, the following to be best practices.