Daniel Wright

Daniel Wright is the director, Washington, DC Office of The National Bureau of Asian Research and author of The Promise of the Revolution: Stories of Struggle and Fulfillment from China's Hinterland. He may be reached at <dwrightATnbr.org>.

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Reflections on the Role of Migrant Labor

The following was written by Daniel Wright in 1998 while a fellow in the Institute of Current World Affairs living in inland China and studying its people and societies. His “Reflections” came after sharing conversations and experiences with migrants during a 35-hour train journey from China’s interior to the coast. To get my mind off […]

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Matters of the Heart . . . and the Nation

A Visit to the Big Flowery Miao

Daniel Wright spent two years in Guizhou, China on a fellowship that allowed him to study the people and societies of inland China. As he spoke with people, they expressed to him, in a variety of ways, the crisis of faith that has come with the erosion of belief in communism. The following is the account of his visit to Shimenkan, a township of the Big Flowery Miao.