D. Michael Crow

D. Michael Crow has served among Chinese in Indonesia, Singapore, and East Asia, either directly or in supervisory roles, since 1980. He did his PhD on Spiritual Authority across Cultures: Leadership, Culture and the Holy Spirit – East and West. He is currently developing a small-group curriculum called J-Mentors: Contemplating Jesus in light of his first-century context

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Spiritual Authority and Power Abuse

A Reader's Response to "Leadership Ethics"

Barriers and keys to finishing well as a leader. 

Lead Article

Coaching, Mentoring and Spiritual Formation

Learning and insights from a recent consultation for mentors and coaches are reported in this article. It delves into many aspects of mentoring, coaching, and spiritual formation including the value of both older mentors and peer mentors. It also provides helpful suggestions for finding a mentor and a mentee.


Mentors at Work:

A Rare Glimpse behind the Scenes

The guest editor's point of view...