Colleen M. Yim

Colleen M. Yim

Colleen M. Yim PhD, Associate Professor of Intercultural Education, Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary. Dr. Yim holds a PhD in intercultural education from Biola University, an MA in linguistics and TESL from Northeastern University in Chicago, and a BA from Moody Bible Institute.

As a Moody Bible Institute student, Dr. Yim made her first trip to Hong Kong and China in 1984 and met her husband (from Hong Kong). Since then they have made bi-yearly trips back to Hong Kong. It is their joy to call Hong Kong believers their greatest supporters in their overseas work in India for 22 years among Hindus, and now in Jordan training future pastors and cross-cultural workers. This partnership has allowed Dr. Yim to get to know the Chinese church in a special way. She’s been given the privilege to minister in a small way in Chinese churches, fellowships, and seminaries during their trips back to Hong Kong and to be able to listen to their joys, concerns, trials, and triumphs through the years.

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