Carol Hamrin

Carol Lee Hamrin, Ph.D., serves as a research professor at George Mason University and a senior associate with the Global China Center. She served under five U.S. administrations as the senior China research specialist in the U.S. Department of State and in 2003 received the Center for Public Justice Leadership Award for outstanding public service.

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Fervent Faith and Audacious Hope

Reflections on China Today and God’s Purpose

A Perspective on China for today.

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Greater China’s Great Transformation

What is ahead for China in the coming years? What can we glean from China's past that helps us understand what may be ahead for China and for the church in China?

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The Growing Rights Consciousness in China

Slowly, incrementally, it has been happening. Starting in the coastal regions and moving inward, beginning in economics and spreading to the rest of life, people in China have been learning of their rights their rights as citizens of a sovereign state and as humans in the international community.

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History, Myth, and Missions

Lessons to be learned from history, 

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The Development of the Middle Hues

The new middle class in China

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Dynamics of Mainland Chinese Ministry in North America

As more Chinese students and scholars come to study and do research in North America the avenues for interaction with them are increasing and broadening.

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China and the Olympics

Prospects for Change

Looking ahead to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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Challenges and Opportunities in China’s Turbulent Future

The system-wide transformation already well underway in China will bring rapid change over the next decade—in society and culture and eventually in politics also. As WTO-related reforms are introduced, the process of change will be highly complex, even chaotic at times. We need to look beyond the superficial headlines about China as a threat to U.S. interests and see both the sober challenges faced by its government as well as the needs of the people.

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Thinking about China

Three myths that color our understanding of China.