Brent Whitefield

Brent Whitefield

Brent Whitefield is pastor of missions and outreach at Northpoint Evangelical Free Church in Corona, California.

His work takes him to Asia several times a year. 'He has taught East Asian history and Communication Arts (Valparaiso University, Biola University, California Baptist University) for sixteen years.




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History: It’s Essential

Strong faith is built upon history. Knowledge and reflection on history are essential for the church and for those who serve. 

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Is There a Role for the Western Church in China?

I have been reflecting recently on Brent Fulton’s challenge to rethink partnership between Western and Chinese churches. I have had an interest in the church in China for the past twenty years and have traveled there frequently for a variety of reasons—including work with several Chinese churches. My PhD thesis focused on historical efforts to reach the Chinese intelligentsia for the Christian faith. China has always been near the top of the list of places where exciting things are happening and where I, as a pastor of missions, would like to see our church make a contribution.

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Christianity’s Impact on Chinese Society

Is Christianity influencing China's culture?