Alopen Song

Alopen Song (pseudonym), BA, MBS, MAICS. The pseudonym was chosen based on ancient and more recent Chinese church history. Alopen was one of the first recorded missionaries to China listed on a famous 8th century Nestorian stele in Xi’an. Song Shangjie (宋尙节) criticized the liberal theological training he received at Union Theological Seminary and became a powerful preacher who went on to lead many Chinese to Christ in the 20th century.

Alopen Song is a Western Christian who respects and loves the Chinese church of both the past and present. Song has spent thirteen years interacting with and ministering to the Chinese diaspora (5 years) and to Chinese within the mainland (8 years) to gain a deeper understanding of these beautiful people while leading unbelievers to and encouraging believers in Christ.


Honor-Shame Culture and Its Impact on Chinese Missionary Retention and Attrition

A paper considering several Chinese honor-shame cultural constructs that could potentially encourage retention and avoid premature and preventable missionary attrition of Chinese cross-cultural workers.