Aizaiah G. Yong

Aizaiah G. Yong

Aizaiah G. Yong is a practical theologian, international educator, ordained Pentecostal minister, and an award-winning author of numerous books including Multiracial Cosmotheadrism: a Practical Theology of Multiracial Experiences (Orbis Books, 2023) and The Pulse of Life: Exploring the Power of Compassion in Transforming the World (Claremont Press, 2023). He also serves as co-director of the Center for Engaged Compassion which is devoted to co-repairing the world through the teaching, study, and cultivation of compassion.

Blog Entries

Chinese Migrants in the Americas

At the Intersection of Resilience, Marginalization, and Hope

For all those who are of mixed-race descent and are looking to find threads of meaning in this conflictual experience, this account not only demonstrates what can be possible at the edges of luck, community, and political agency—but also the horrors of what can take place when monocultural and supremacist ideologies are enacted thus preventing the co-creation of communities of belonging for all.