A Wèi in Mountains West

A Wèi in Mountains West (pseudonym) and his family have been working with rural communities in China for the past ten years.

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My Heart Aches for Shanxi but with Hope

In the midst of natural disasters, personal loss, and the return of COVID-related restrictions, believers in Shanxi find ways to serve and even expand opportunities to bless their communities.

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What to Do When Things Just Don’t Feel Right

If you’d like a small, but tangible way, to share Jesus’ love with a group of women and their families in China (as well as bless your own friends and family), here’s a simple way to do that.

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Hope for Today, and Tomorrow!

Good news and beautiful cards from Shanxi Province.

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Beyond Beijing

Life in the Chinese Countryside

Since China's great gǎigé kāifàng (Reform and Opening) experiment was begun by reformists in the Communist Party of China (CPC) under Deng Xiaoping in late 1978, tens of thousands of articles—in print and online—have been written about the huge changes and nearly miraculous standard-of-living improvements that have happened throughout China.