Contributing to the ChinaSource Blog

Do you have experience in China, or expertise in a China-related field? 

ChinaSource is always looking for new voices to contribute to the ChinaSource Blog. You’d be part of a diverse group of writers who are passionate about what’s going on in China and what it means for our Christian brothers and sisters there. With ChinaSource’s extensive network and reach, this is a great platform to have your thoughts and insights heard. Whether it’s just a one-off piece or a series of posts, we’d love to hear from you!

We welcome submissions that educate and inform our readers about China and the church. We are looking for the following types of posts:

  • Stories and reflections—tell us about your experiences in China and how they illustrate truth. Has living in China challenged your faith or resulted in greater insight in truth and understanding?
  • Analysis—share your unique perspective on a current issue or topic that impacts the church. Help our readers understand more about what’s going on in China.
  • Observations—are there any trends that have caught your attention? Any thoughts on what those trends could mean and their implications for faith and society?
  • Recommendations—are there any resources that you’ve found helpful? Or any programs or projects that you recommend?

Some specific guidelines:

  • Blog posts should be clear and well-written with a word count between 300 and 1000 words.
  • They should be informal, with a positive, albeit realistic and accurate tone. 
  • The post will be reviewed by our editorial team, which reserves the right to edit for style and accuracy, or, if need be, ask you to make necessary revisions. 
  • Submissions must be original and not previously published elsewhere. Once published by ChinaSource the post is the property of ChinaSource and may not be submitted to other publications without permission. Of course you are welcome to post it on your personal site provided it is linked to the ChinaSource post. 
  • If possible, submit a large photo (1000 pixels or more) to accompany your post. It may be your own photo, or from another source. If it is not your own, the photo must be licensed via Creative Commons. No copyrighted photos may be used without permission from the photographer.
  • Please include a brief biographical sketch that highlights your professional and/or academic background, China experience, and any personal information that you’d like to share.
  • If you prefer not to use your real name, feel free to adopt a pen name and include a simple statement of experience for the bio information.
  • If it is appropriate, include a photo/head-shot with your submission.

While we encourage debate and discussion, we will not accept submissions that are overly political in nature or denigrate different approaches to service in China.

Please email your submission to or write for further clarification.

We look forward to hearing from you!