A Different Celebration, the Same Christmas

As we approach Christmas this year, it’s likely that no one’s holiday plans are as they had hoped. Yet while the celebration may be different, we are reminded that the spirit of Christmas remains the same.

The most read ChinaSource article in 2020 was a Wuhan pastor’s call for prayer during the early days of the pandemic. As we reflect on the mystery and beauty of advent, we find the pastor’s words hold relevance, even in this season:

Christ has already given us his peace, but his peace is not to remove us from disaster and death, but rather to have peace in the midst of disaster and death, because Christ has already overcome these things (John 14:27, 16:33).

Spoken for today, Wuhan’s pestilence cannot separate us from the love of Christ; this love is in our Lord Jesus Christ. … Therefore, Christ is with us as we face the pestilence in this city; the pestilence cannot harm us. Thus, my brothers and sisters, I encourage you to be strong in Christ’s love.

—Pastor from Wuhan, China

The peace brought to us through the birth of Christ allows those in him, all around the world, including our brothers and sisters in China, to celebrate this season. We trust that believers in China are holding fast to these words as well. Regardless of circumstances, thanks to God, there is much to be joyful about.

We are pleased that a dear friend of ChinaSource has put forward a matching challenge to match dollar for dollar any gifts given from November 23 to December 31, 2020* up to a total of US$50,000.

We hope you’ll partner with us in pursuing the mission God has given us!

* Only gifts received or post-marked by Dec 31, 2020 will count towards the match and towards 2020 tax deductible giving.