For Such a Time as This

April 8, 2020

As COVID-19 spreads globally, we find ourselves in challenging times. While the louder global narrative is one of hopelessness, the more powerful storyline is that God is unifying his church for what we believe will be a great awakening in the midst of peril. As a ministry, we stand unwavering in our mission, ready to serve, for such a time as this.

The ministry of ChinaSource began out of a need for a catalyst and connector among those serving the church in China. If there was a need then, there is a greater need now. Over the past two decades, with credibility, experience, and expertise, we have kept our finger on the pulse of an unpredictable and ever-changing subject—China and its church. ChinaSource is strategically positioned to be an effective bridge between Christians in China and the global church.

Through this process, the Lord has equipped us to do more in this season, not less. We have been a virtual team since 2012, operating with tools and processes that many are only adopting now. Furthermore, the bulk of our ministry is based online through our publications. The minimal impact to our work allows us to continue to serve our readers and partners well.

Since the onset of the outbreak, we have placed great emphasis on sharing how the church in China has been responding to the crisis. Our networking capacity allows us to stay in contact with sources inside and outside the mainland. As a result, even before the outbreak reached global levels, the church in China was inspiring believers around the world. The “Letter from a Wuhan Pastor,” was a testimony to the hope of Christ in the worst of situations and people across the world, both Christian and not, took notice.

We are committed to continuing to create opportunities for the church in China to be heard, to share more broadly within the global community. This is a time when we need to learn from the Chinese church and despite the challenges, ChinaSource is honored to be at the crossroads of that information flow.

However, the resourcing of knowledge alone is not enough. In these turbulent times, ministries need the wisdom of experience, the strength of networks, and the insight of solid analysis, to inform their planning. Collaboration and partnership are vehicles that take our analysis to those who need it most.

ChinaSource’s commitment to its mission is not contingent on circumstances. Crisis or not, by his grace, we are here to engage, collaborate, and serve—for such a time as this.