What China experts, watchers, and thought leaders in the field are saying about ChinaSource.

Since its inception, ChinaSource has shown what excellent Christian journalism can be like, and has set the pace—and the standard—for all Christian writing about China and the gospel.

Dr. G. Wright Doyle
Director, The China Institute

ChinaSource has become the “go to” source of accurate information, balanced advice, and excellent contacts for all those interested in serving the Chinese people. The leaders and staff have gained both depth and currency as they have kept up with a fast-changing China since their inception twenty years ago.”

Dr. Carol Hamrin
Senior Associate, China Global Center

ChinaSource is at the leading edge of providing outstanding research, analysis, and networks for ministries like Asian Access. Their conferences are second to none when it comes to discerning new directions for China and for networking opportunities in mission.

Rev. Joseph Handley
President, Asian Access

ChinaSource is the single most reliable source for news about Chinese Christianity, and especially the Protestant church. It is fair and balanced, managing to cut through the obfuscations around China and present as complete as possible a picture of what is happening in China. I endorse it for anyone–lay person or specialist–who wants to know more about the church in China.

Ian Johnson
Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao

ChinaSource has for many years contributed to the discussion of what it means to do ministry in China and in what areas people should be equipped to do this ministry.  They are avid readers and provide rich content for any person seeking to do ministry in China and with Chinese people.  I personally follow them on social media as well as regularly read their weekly emails.

Jeff Kyle
US Manager, China Partnership

ChinaSource has always been the primary source of information on China that I use. It is always up-to-date, but more importantly is the most reliable source of news and views on China that one will find.

Marvin Newell
Senior Vice-President, Missio-Nexus

ChinaSource is a timely, insightful channel to learn about the key issues and challenges of Christianity in China from an informed, thoughtful perspective. I highly recommend it for grasping the very many dimensions of a central development in world Christianity: the rapid growth and diversity of the Chinese church.

Dr. Carsten Vala
Associate Professor of Political Science
Loyola University

ChinaSource is a great help to our ministry as we seek accurate and timely information about the growth of the church in China. Our team turns to it often. We thank God for our partnership with them.

Bill Walsh
Director, International Outreach
The Gospel Coalition