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Christians and the Hungry Ghost Festival

For Chinese Christians in Asia, being filled with the Holy Spirit is an assurance of God’s presence and a safeguard against any attacks by evil spirits during the Hungry Ghost Festival—and beyond.


ZGBriefs | September 1, 2022

Filled with the Spirit amid the Hungry Ghosts (August 25, 2022, Christianity Today) This month serves as an important time for the church to reflect on its own convictions about spirits and the Holy Ghost himself.

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Yes, You Can Impact the People of China

Earlier this summer we posted an article, “Can My Church and I Really Impact the People of China?” The answer to that question, both from the article itself and from my experience, is a resounding yes.

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The Culture Tree

Culture Learning: A Book Review

“One of the beautiful things about symbolizing cultures with trees is that this picture captures the essence of variation and uniqueness among groups… The image of the tree allows you to first think about commonalities by acknowledging all trees have the same parts, and then to address differences by thinking of the many different types of trees.”

The Lantern

When Waiting Is Not Wasted

August news from ChinaSource.

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An Unwelcomed Journey Out of China

[T]he Almighty invites us to trust and remember that he appoints the when and where of our life. We struggle in faith to respond as Job did in the face of his own adversity: You brought us into China, and you brought us out of China.


ZGBriefs | August 11, 2022

The Major Questions About China’s Foreign NGO Law Are Now Settled (August 8, 2022, China File) Foreign NGOs still tend to focus on work congenial to Beijing and eschew “controversial” issue areas like media, human rights, or religious issues.

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The Vital Role of Chinese Women in Evangelism

[T]he story of Christianity in China cannot be told without acknowledging the female evangelists and pastors who built the Chinese church.


ZGBriefs | August 4, 2022

Confucius through Christian Eyes: Kenneth Scott Latourette and Charles E. Farhadian (August 2, 2022, Global China Center) Whether Confucianism is, or has ever been, a religion is a consideration that has been hotly debated for centuries, with evidence for and against its religious nature presented by those who answer either “Yes” or “No.”

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Chinese Christian History 101

Darkest Before the Dawn: A Book Review

Anyone looking for a brief overview of Chinese Christian history should check out Richard Cook’s Darkest Before the Dawn. In addition to orienting readers to the major events of Christian missions in China, there is an extensive bibliography for further reading.