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Chinese Church Voices

A Historic Church in Fujian Province Restored

The Mingdao Church in Fuzhou, with its long, rich history, is undergoing restoration. This post gives an update on that restoration.

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A Book for Understanding China’s Registered Church

A must read for anyone who wishes to work with the registered church in China or indeed the registered church or house church.

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The Pilgrim Principle

Remembering Andrew Walls

While Walls identified strongly with the church in Africa, where he served as a missionary from 1957 to 1966, his scope was global. His reframing of Christian history brings a much-needed perspective to the stories we often tell about God’s mission in the world, including in China.

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Reaching Those Who Aren’t Interested

An approach and an opportunity reaching the Chinese community in America in Chicago and beyond.

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Encountering the Legacy of James O. Fraser in Unexpected Places

A legacy that went from Yunnan to Sichuan and beyond the borders of China.

The Lantern

Colleagues and Friends

August news from ChinaSource.

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An Encounter with Spirituality in the Dalian Christian Community

Dalian Ambassadors for Christ in--in a park, at a youth fellowship, and on Sunday morning.

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China and the True Jesus

A Book Review

A fascinating look at the history of a little-known, indigenous church group in China.

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Jesus in Little Africa

A look at the rise of Congolese Pentecostal churches in Guangzhou.

Chinese Church Voices

China Christian Council and Luis Palau Association Meet Virtually

For reasons apparent to all, there have not been many in-person communications between the China Christian Council and overseas ministries since the pandemic. But relationships are still possible.