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Happy New Year—2021!

God continues to do utterly amazing things among the nations including China. But, as in Habakkuk’s time, those things are not always easy. Yet we continue to pray and rejoice in the Lord. Join us as we take joy in the God of our salvation in this new year.

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The Party’s Party

A Reading Roundup

On July 1, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) threw itself a big birthday bash to celebrate 100 years. In case you missed out on some of the coverage of the event, here is a roundup of some of the more interesting stories.

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100 Years of God’s Protection and Guidance (Part 2)

Policies and Plans in Favor of Christianity

Christianity faces adversities in China. But God has used some of those unfavorable conditions to accelerate church growth. Thistles and thorns are not the only plants on the path of evangelism. We have simply ignored the little daisies growing along the way.

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100 Years of God’s Protection and Guidance (Part 1)

Turning Adversities into Blessings

History has convinced me that God cares about China in his missional plan. This anniversary carries spiritual meaning when we see that the Chinese church has witnessed God’s protection and guidance over the past 100 years.

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A Way Forward

“China’s Urban Churches Moving Forward” and other webinars from the Asia 2021 Congress.

Chinese Church Voices

Strengthening a Neglected Area

A respected Chinese Christian scholar spoke online in October 2021 about the value of reading biographies of foreign missionaries and the need for Chinese research on early missionaries and church history.

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Welcoming the Liuxuesheng

A sneak peek at the 2021 autumn issue of ChinaSource Quarterly coming out later this month.

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Returnees—A Topic Worth Revisiting

Returnees is a topic that we continue to return to. We have dedicated two issues of CSQ to the topic and we will be including an update on returnee ministry in the 2021 autumn issue. Why is this topic worth revisiting?

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Student Ministry—Too Much for One Issue

A ChinaSource Perspective on the coming 2021 summer issue of CSQ, "Student Ministry in China."

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Beethoven in Beijing

A Film Recommendation

The remarkable story of the Philadelphia Orchestra's decades-long relationship with China is told in the documentary film Beethoven in Beijing. See it free until May 14, 2021.