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Grappling with Multiple Identities

When faced with various identities in a complicated world, how might Christians understand and respond to potential conflicts?

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The Importance of Praying for the Work

A Pamphlet from 1910

Excerpts from a pamphlet from an earlier era selected to encourage new generations of readers to persevere in prayer on behalf of the work in China and around the globe.

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Christianity and the State—Dispelling a Myth

Embedded in today’s evangelical China narratives, particularly the narrative of the persecuted church, is the assumption that regime change will inevitably bring about greater openness for the gospel in China. But is that what Chinese history tells us?

Chinese Church Voices

Churches Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival

Last week Chinese communities throughout China and abroad celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival, eating mooncakes and admiring the full harvest moon. China Christian Daily tells of three churches that joined the celebrations during the month.

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Christian Women and Modern China

A Book Review

Often the chronicling of China’s mission history features Protestant missionaries with brief mentions of Chinese co-workers. Readers familiar with this history can list numerous foreigners who contributed to the growth of China’s church. But they are probably not familiar with most of the women highlighted in this book.

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Counting by Sevens—Re-entry into China

Clearing the quarantine and monitoring requirements from arrival to residence.

The Lantern

Building on a Legacy of Friendship

September news from ChinaSource.

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Christian Spirituality in China’s Walled Garden

WeChat as Christian “Alter-Public”

Despite the Chinese Communist Party’s increasing oversight of Christian life in China today, there is a gray space between the nation’s political tensions, economic revolution, and spiritual revivals that begs for greater reflection and sustained inquiry: the “walled garden” of China’s internet.

Chinese Church Voices

Caring for Orphans: An Interview (1)

Chinese Canadian Margaret MacNeil’s gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics has drawn attention to international adoptions from China and to China’s orphans. Here we repost an interview with a Chinese Christian woman who left a corporate job to care for disabled orphans.

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Meet China’s Gen Z

Vol. 23, No. 3

The students from China’s Generation Z exhibit many characteristics differing from those of previous generations. The author identifies and describes these differences, then suggests ways that student ministries outside China can form relationships with these students.