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ZGBriefs | August 6, 2015

Why choice of Beijing to host 2022 Winter Olympics worries even IOC (+video) (July 31, 2015, Christian Science Monitor)
When Oslo, Norway, and Krakow, Poland, and Stockholm all pull out of the bidding for reasons similar to Boston's; when voters in St. Moritz, Switzerland, and Munich reject proposed Olympic bids for reasons similar to Boston's; and when no one in North America bothers to apply, you end up with – Beijing.

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Chinese Communist Party Centennial—Struggle and Flexibility

We must remember that the way the Party views itself is critical to how it interacts with its own populace, particularly to people belonging to faith communities rooted in belief systems beyond Marxist-Leninism. Most of all, we must remember we serve the Lord of Lords who will put all powers in their place before his feet.

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A Chinese Church in Maryland Serving around the World

The pandemic caught all of us by surprise and has limited our travels and our opportunities for being with people in person. Yet the all-wise and all-powerful God continues to be at work, helping us to be creative, and to take steps of faith as we try many things for the first time.


ZGBriefs | October 8, 2020

Chinese families shun Western universities as coronavirus, strained ties are ‘scaring middle-class families’ (October 3, 2020, South China Morning Post) About 81 per cent of affluent Chinese families whose children study foreign curriculums and take foreign examinations have decided to postpone plans to send them abroad for undergraduate or graduate studies

ChinaSource Quarterlies

Student Ministry in China

Summer 2021, Vol. 23, No. 2

Summer 2021.

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A Calendar to Help You Pray for China

After a four year hiatus, the compilers of the Intercessors for China prayer calendar have a new printed version available for 2021 and beyond.

Chinese Church Voices

Pray for the People of Henan

Henan province was hit by torrential rain last month resulting in widespread flooding that resulted in loss of life, dramatic rescues, and extensive damage. Christians in the area responded with pleas for prayer.

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When a Canadian Swimmer Lit Up Chinese Social Media

Margaret MacNeil's win in the women's 100-meter butterfly this week drew attention not just because of what she accomplished but because of who she is.

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An Invitation from a Friend

A special invitation for ChinaSource readers.