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Faith and Science in Dialogue among Chinese Christians

[…] (especially Young Earth Creationism) as an anti-scientific, evolution-truth-denying, religious nonsense. However, the attitude towards science-related Christian apologetics among today’s Chinese intellectuals is not entirely hostile. In July 2021, a video by the famous physicist Chen-Ning Yang, one of the very few Chinese Nobel Prize laureates and one of the most respected scientists among Chinese, was posted on […]

Chinese Church Voices

Three Trends in the PostPandemic Church in China (1)

“More small groups, more household-oriented, and more online.”

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The Vital Role of Chinese Women in Evangelism

In the spring 2021 issue of ChinaSource Quarterly, entitled “Women and the Missio Dei in China,” we featured the stories of some of the dedicated womenboth American and European missionaries and Chinesewho worked to spread the gospel in China. We also highlighted the work of Emma Ekvall, who established schools for both blind […]

The Lantern

When Waiting Is Not Wasted

[…] “The Vital Role of Chinese Women in Evangelism,” reposted from Christianity Today, ChinaSource Blog, August 8 and “Women and the Missio Dei in China,” ChinaSource Quarterly, Spring 2021). Praise the Lord for his saving grace, plan, and purpose for the students of China (See “God’s Grace in the Life of a Peking University Grad” […]

The Lantern

Immanuel’s Many Arrivals

[…] also translated into Chinese. The fall issue of Ambassadors Magazine published a Chinese translation of “Meet China’s Gen Z” by Peng Chaoyang, which appeared in the Autumn 2021 issue of ChinaSource Quarterly. Ways to Pray From the ChinaSource Team Praise the Lord for the “sent ones” from China! Pray that they would receive proper […]

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God at Work During 3 Years of Isolation

Life in China under the strict zero -covid policy was difficult for many, especially believers who were unable to gather for worship. Nevertheless, God was still at work. Over the next few weeks, we’ll hear from Chinese believers answering the question, “During the three years of covid isolation and restrictions, how did you see […]


ZGBriefs | February 15, 2024

[…] a former Taliban spokesman, as an official envoy to Beijing, making Xi’s government the first in the world to do so since the group seized power in Afghanistan in 2021. Religion Chinese Christians and the Chinese Zodiac: Idolatry or a Cultural Artifact? (February 9, 2024, ChinaSource Blog) In my new book, As Promised, I explore the influence of two types […]

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John SongA Fruitful Returnee

A Reader Responds to the Autumn CSQ

The entire autumn 2021 ChinaSource Quarterly was a joy to read, but Stacey Bieler’s article “American Friendships with Chinese Students, 1847–1930” especially resonated with me based on my love for learning about the history of the presence of Chinese students and scholars in the US. I am always intrigued by dates, so I realized […]


ZGBriefs Newsletter for April 12, 2012

[…] Get daily updates from ZGBriefs on Twitter @ZG_Briefs. To make a contribution to ZGBriefs, please click here and then select Donate Through Paypal. FEATURED ARTICLE China’s e -publishing revolution puts writers on a fast track to freedom (April 11, 2012, Guardian Books Blog) A new phenomenon in China fiction published exclusively online is giving […]


June 12, 2014

[…] Ties in Trade (June 8, 2014, The New York Times) It points to abiding tensions between the worlds two most populous countries, focusing on their shared 2,521 -mile border and dating back more than 50 years, to Chinas territorial claim over Tibet. Chinese party newspaper says Western democracy only brings chaos (June 9, 2014, […]