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Why the Mother Tongue Matters

The Root of Connection and Cultural Vitality

[…] with children speaking neither proficient English nor their mother tongue effectively. Colleen de Bellefonds, “When Your Baby Can Hear in the Womb,” What to Expect, June 23, 2021, accessed September 8, 2023, -development/fetal-hearing/"> “Attachment: A Connection for Life,” Caring for, last updated May 2018, accessed September 8, 2023, -and-babies/attachment#:~:text=Why%20is%20attachment%20important%3F,them%20with%20care%20and%20comfort">,them%20with%20care%20and%20comfort. “The Importance […]


ZGBriefs | September 14, 2023

[…] Amir Khan Muttaqi saying the nomination of Zhao Sheng was a “significant step with a significant message”. It is the first time since the Taliban takeover in 2021 that an ambassador to Kabul has been afforded such lavish protocol, with the Afghan officials saying the new envoy’s arrival is a sign for other nations […]

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How Should We Care for Orphans in China?

Adoptiona foundational metaphor of the Christian faith and a challenging topic in the world, especially when intertwined with China’s one-child policy era, international complications, and issues of identity for adoptees. In this collection from the archives, we’ve pulled together reflections, book reviews, and analysis to open up our perspective on adoption from China.

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God at Work During 3 Years of Isolation

Life in China under the strict zero -covid policy was difficult for many, especially believers who were unable to gather for worship. Nevertheless, God was still at work. Over the next few weeks, we’ll hear from Chinese believers answering the question, “During the three years of covid isolation and restrictions, how did you see […]

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Breaking through the Great Wall

[…] WeChat asked us to change the name, so we called it “NewLife Films.” Then that was shut down, so once again we opened a new website. In 2021, we had three websites and nine social media accounts shut down. Every day we had posts blocked, and our four social media teams were getting discouraged. […]

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The Need for Innovation and Digital Transformation

[…] “10/40 Window,” Wikimedia Foundation, last modified June 3, 2023, Andy Crouch, Kurt Keilhacker, Dave Blanchard, “Leading Beyond the Blizzard: Why Every Organization is Now a Startup,” Praxis Journal, March 23, 2020, accessed August 15, 2023. -beyond-the-blizzard-why-every-organization-is-now-a-startup-b7f32fb278ff"> Ted Esler, The Innovation Crisis (Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2021), 36. To get connected, go to: -yourself-available-to-the-global-body-of-christ">


ZGBriefs | November 9, 2023

A Chinese Jew’s Journey to Israel (November 2, 2023, The World of Chinese) From Kaifeng to Jerusalema Chinese Jew tells her story of leaving for the Middle East and reflecting on her dual identity.

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Hearing from the Church in China, Part 1

The Quest for Trustworthy Information

One…reason for drop in the number of publications the measures introduced to combat the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in…less direct contact. However…the decline started before the arrival of the pandemic and secondly, the Communist Party had…been busy for many years…to control the information environment, even before the watershed 2018 regulations came into force.

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Chinese Christianity Endures, Part 1

Studying the 18th-Century Church under Authoritarian Rule

[…] ministry of Li Zibiao, see Henrietta Harrison, The Perils of Interpretating: The Extraordinary Lives of Two Translators between Qing China and the British Empire (Princeton University Press, 2021); and especially Harrison, “Naples, China and the Cosmos: The Theology of an Eighteenth-Century Chinese Priest” in The Journal of Ecclesiastical History, 2023, 1–19. Mungello, This Suffering, […]


ZGBriefs Newsletter for April 12, 2012

[…] Get daily updates from ZGBriefs on Twitter @ZG_Briefs. To make a contribution to ZGBriefs, please click here and then select Donate Through Paypal. FEATURED ARTICLE China’s e -publishing revolution puts writers on a fast track to freedom (April 11, 2012, Guardian Books Blog) A new phenomenon in China fiction published exclusively online is giving […]