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Chinese Women in Transition

[…] their sweat in coastal cities in joint venture companies cranking out products labeled “Made in China.” Additionally, there are women who remain in their hometowns working as cheap laborers. As women in China contribute to society by filling most of the cheap labor jobs, they actually do “hold up half the sky.” The first […]


ZGBriefs | August 27, 2020

[…] 1950s, the iconic green trains are a relic of another age, differing in almost every way from the sleek high-speed rail cars replacing them. Tickets are dirt- cheap. The carriages are crowded, chaotic, and stifling in the summer heat. It can take hours for the lumbering locomotives to chug between cities. Sponsored Link Webinar: […]


ZGBriefs | February 28, 2019

[…] specific tier.  China Shifts, and Detroit’s Big Bet Goes Sour (February 27, 2019, The New York Times) Chrysler, Ford and General Motors saw a booming Chinese driving culture and cheap labor. Now the market is slowing, competition is rising and the Trump administration wants limits. Education Chinese-funded institutes on U.S. college campuses condemned in Senate report (February […]

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Teaching in China—the Early Years

[…] to foreign currency, they had to have receipts showing they had exchanged that much foreign currency for FEC. In the very early 1980s most things were very cheap. For example, to park one’s bicycle in a lot with an attendant to watch the bicycles cost only two fen (100 fen = 1 yuan). No […]

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A Church in Guiyang

[…] the time I arrived there, it was about 2pm. I set about looking for a hotel near the train station. It wasn’t long before I found one that was cheap, about US$25 per night. That should have been a clue. But I booked a room there anyway. It was very small, but given the price, didn’t look too bad. At about 9 that […]


ZGBriefs | February 1, 2018

[…] (actual picture above) was only a child when he changed my life AND he was not the sole life-changer. There were others. A black pleather book bag, some cheap wooden shoes, and a one peso coin from the Phillippines, just to name a few. Books A Winter Reading Recommendation (January 26, 2018, ChinaSource Blog) Timothy Conkling […]


ZGBriefs | November 29, 2018

[…] less glamorous side of China’s rapid change: a reliance on the heavy hand of big infrastructure as a salve for deeper problems in politics and economics. How Cheap Labor Drives China’s A.I. Ambitions (November 25, 2018, The New York Times) In China, long the world’s factory floor, a new generation of low-wage workers is assembling the […]

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Traditional Culture’s Effect on China’s Younger Generations

Cultural Contextualization in China

[…] of what I propose here has followed this premise. However, I have also tried to emphasize the importance of action. In other words, talk by itself is cheap. As many religion scholars note, the West’s religious experience often places great emphasis on correct thinking (orthodoxy), yet China’s religious experience has placed great importance on […]


ZGBriefs | March 2, 2017

[…] many foreign companies doing business in China believe decreasing economic growth will lead the government to favor foreign employers. Wrong, wrong, wrong. 'Made in China' isn't so cheap anymore, and that could spell headache for Beijing (February 27, 2017, CNBC) As China's economy expanded at breakneck speed, so has pay for employees. But the […]

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When the Pillar Moves: Transition and Providential Grace

[…] travel was inconvenient and rigorous; there was no place fun to go, no foreign movies to watch, certainly no discos to visit. Now travel is convenient and cheap, and there are all kinds of thrills and trouble available. Foreign teens do not need a car or gas money, just subway fare and a cell […]