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ZGBriefs | August 22, 2019

U.S. Recycling Industry Is Struggling To Figure Out A Future Without China (August 20, 2019, NPR)
Last year, China put the kibosh on imports of the world's waste. A huge market for plastic waste had just dried up. Where was it all going to go now?


ZGBriefs | March 14, 2019

Where Will Your Plastic Trash Go Now That China Doesn't Want It? (March 13, 2019, NPR)
What should wealthy countries do with their plastic waste now that China no longer is buying it?


ZGBriefs | March 30, 2017

Young, Restless, and Reformed in China (March 27, 2017, The Gospel Coalition)
Chinese church leaders are writing books of church order. They’re organizing into networks. They’re starting Christian grade schools and seminaries. They’re reading everything they can get their hands on, buying out Reformed authors at bookstores and heading to Reformed websites. And some are also stumbling, passing quick judgment on those who aren’t five-pointers. Some are proud. A number are splitting up congregations. In many ways, Reformed theology in China looks like a newborn colt attempting that first walk—eager, stumbling, up and down and up again.


ZGBriefs | October 5, 2017

10 Chinese Christians the Western Church Should Know (October 3, 2017, Christianity Today)
These saints who played such an essential role in the establishment of an explicitly Chinese church deserve to be recognized for their service. May their stories inspire new generations of women and men in China and beyond to serve God wherever he may lead.


ZGBriefs | August 13, 2015

Putting China’s Cyberpolice in Context (August 9, 2015,
In our rapidly evolving global news space, content is still king. But I confess at least equal devotion to the sovereign’s hoary (and so often ignored) envoy: context. As media reported last week, following a Public Security Bureau “work conference” in Beijing, that China would now "embed internet police in tech firms” and priority websites — underscoring yet again the deteriorating information climate under President Xi Jinping — context cowered in the shadows of the court. Everyone, as a result, got the story wrong.

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Good News in China

Resource Corner

Good News in China makes it easy for English and international Chinese speakers to share good resources in Chinese with coworkers, neighbors and friends!

The Lantern

At the Heart of Our Work

February news from ChinaSource.

Chinese Church Voices

Chinese Christians Look Back, Part 4

Sound teaching and biblical exposition are more a focal point of the church today than in the past.

Peoples of China

The Tibetans in Gyairong Region

A Research Report

The author provides us with a research report on a Tibetan people group in the Gyairong region of Sichuan. He gives background and then traces his church’s involvement with this people group. He goes on to relate the history of missionary work among these people and lessons learned that can be helpful in bringing the gospel to them today.