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ZGBriefs | December 24, 2020

Mandarin Christmas Medley (December 23, 2020, Outside-In) As a way of saying Merry Christmas, here’s a video titled Jingle Bells in Chinese Christmas Medley. It’s just plain fun (and stinky tofu even makes an appearance).

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Top Ten Zgbriefs Links—Coronavirus Wins!

It should come as no surprise that of the top ten most clicked on stories from ZGBriefs in 2020, eight were about the coronavirus pandemic.


ZGBriefs | December 17, 2020

Is China About to Introduce a “Three-Child Policy”? (December 10, 2020, Radii China) Chinese authorities have made no secret of their desire for more babies in the country, but do the people really want them?

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We Begin by Waiting

December news from ChinaSource.


ZGBriefs | December 10, 2020

Pandemic fuels an RV boom in China (December 7, 2020, Inkstone News) People in China have been forced to enjoy domestic tourism because of the coronavirus pandemic. Many of them are turning to RVs to enjoy the road less traveled.

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Perspectives—in Mandarin and Virtual

The Perspectives class in Mandarin will be offered in a virtual format this January.

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A Chinese Church in Maryland Serving around the World

The pandemic caught all of us by surprise and has limited our travels and our opportunities for being with people in person. Yet the all-wise and all-powerful God continues to be at work, helping us to be creative, and to take steps of faith as we try many things for the first time.


ZGBriefs | November 19, 2020

Catholic Mass in Shanghai in the Time of COVID (2020) (November 17, 2020, Sinosplice) English Church services for foreigners have still not been allowed to resume, even though church services in Chinese resumed months ago. (I assume it’s the same for Catholics as for other Christians, but I’ll correct this if I’m wrong.) […] Anyway, I took some photos last Sunday at the Xujiahui cathedral, St. Ignatius.


ZGBriefs | November 5, 2020

China Tightens Entry Requirements by Adding Second COVID-19 Test (November 3, 2020, Sixth Tone) International travel to the Chinese mainland has slowly resumed after a ban on most foreign nationals was imposed in March. Now, strict testing and quarantine measures are helping curb the risk of imported COVID-19 cases but also creating headaches for would-be returnees.


ZGBriefs | October 29, 2020

The Virginian Roots of Yunnan’s Tobacco Industry (October 27, 2020, Sixth Tone) Seven decades ago, American cigarettes were a form of social as well as economic currency in China. Now locals are more likely to be offering than taking.