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ZGBriefs | April 18, 2019

Timothy Richard Knew That God Loved Chinese People As Chinese People (April 17, 2019, Christianity Today)
While historians remain interested in Richard’s role in these grand events from the past, the church today needs to hear from Richard the missionary. 


ZGBriefs | March 14, 2019

Where Will Your Plastic Trash Go Now That China Doesn't Want It? (March 13, 2019, NPR)
What should wealthy countries do with their plastic waste now that China no longer is buying it?


ZGBriefs | February 7, 2019

(February 3, 2019, South China Morning Post)
A harrowing, 14-year journey preserved one of humanity’s most important artistic legacies. When bloody civil war engulfed China, both nationalists and communists claimed the treasure as their own.


ZGBriefs | January 3, 2019

The year 2018: China’s civil society past, present and future (December 30, 2018, NGOs in China) Both Terminal 2 and China’s present civil society are like someone’s utilitarian fantasy or nightmare. 


ZGBriefs | December 27, 2018

Beijing Expats Decry “Click-bait-y” Reports About a Christmas Crackdown (December 26, 2018, The Beijinger)
Are the reports of anti-Christmas measures greatly exaggerated? 


ZGBriefs | November 29, 2018

How ‘Survivors’ Are Navigating the New Environment (November 27, 2018, The China NGO Project)
A discussion on the state of play nearly two years after the Foreign NGO Law went into effect.

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Remembering the 2008 Beijing Olympics

A Reading Round-up

Ten years ago I was in Beijing during the 2008 Olympic Games. I had been in the city since it was announced as the host, and watched it get ready— stadiums to construct; roads to build; subway lines to put in. The city transformed itself before our eyes.  

The Lantern

Building Bridges

July news from ChinaSource.

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Understanding the Chinese Communist Party

Understanding the role of the CCP in Chinese society and how it functions is crucial. Here are resources to help.


ZGBriefs | June 14, 2018

How Bad Is Facebook’s New China Problem? (June 6, 2018, The Atlantic)
A Chinese tech giant with connections to the government appears to be among Facebook’s partners in a data-sharing program.