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Dr. Lewis and the Chinese Church

[…] Arthur Lewis, a lecturer in Economics at Manchester University in the UK, published a landmark paper on what happens when industrializing economies begin to run out of cheap labor. This was his conclusion, as described by The Economist: When an economy first becomes industrialised it grows very fast by importing foreign technology and employing […]

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Counting by Sevens—Re-entry into China

[…] friends. One of our friends asked, “Was it worth it?” If you make a trip like this, you need to count the cost. We searched for the cheapest flights and found the round trip was 3–4 times what we would pay pre-COVID. There are also costs for the COVID tests (US$550), the quarantine hotel […]


January 3, 2014

[…] their parents. Most are the offspring of peasants who have flocked to cities in one of the largest migrations in human history. For three decades, the migrants cheap labor has fueled Chinas rise as an economic juggernaut. But the city workers are so squeezed by high costs and long hours that many send their […]

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China’s Modern Family Problems

[…] this traditional family structure is very much at odds with a globalized and modernized culture. One essential requirement for rapid economic growth is the free flow of cheap labor. Agricultural reform relieved farmers from farm labor and supplied an abundant, cheap labor force for China’s economic expansion. Millions of farmers left their land and […]


ZGBriefs | March 9, 2023

[…] has not exactly been a resounding success either. But Walmart is still profitable thanks to its wholesale chain, which is enjoying a post-COVID spring. China Square: The cheap Chinese shop at the centre of Kenya row (March 6, 2023, BBC) A Chinese-owned shop selling cheap household goods at the centre of a dispute in Kenya has […]


ZGBriefs | August 10, 2017

[…] land-locked basin in Daying. Language / Language Learning Get to know your own Chinese voice (August 3, 2017, Hacking Chinese) Recording yourself provides a convenient, enlightening and cheap way to improve your spoken Chinese, including pronunciation, which is hard to get at in any other way if you don’t hire a professional teacher to […]

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Chinese Christianity and Global Mission

[…] merchant-migrants, numbering about half a million with at least fifteen percent who are Christians, there are perhaps 75,000 Wenzhou Christian merchant-cum-missionaries currently carrying the good news of cheap Chinese products as well as the Good News of Christianity to all corners of the world. This includes those countries which forbid any missionary activity or […]


ZGBriefs | December 15, 2016

[…] Students (December 14, 2016, Sixth Tone) What began as an international competition for teenagers has become China’s latest way to assess children’s academic aptitude. History / Culture Cheap fixes to Forbidden City put heritage in peril, grinding massive renovation to halt (December 12, 2016, South China Morning Post) Curator Shan Jixiang said a price-focused […]

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American Factory

A Film Review

[…] those who has been watching American Factory. “The working class is degraded, and, as elsewhere in the third world, workers have been reduced to a source of cheap, alienated labor for international capital.” American Factory is a movie I am recommending to my friends and family who have never lived in China. It gives […]

Peoples of China

Peoples of the Cities

[…] a kitchen table, a cook stove—all right outside. What is this? These are Hui Muslims, a friend explains. They’re migrant workers, living here temporarily while they provide cheap labor for a building project nearby. A policeman comes by and hustles us out of the alley demanding our passports. “What are you doing here?” he […]