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Coaching in China

[…] when I (Rose) used the word “coach” in talking to my friend, she associated it with a famous brand of handbags. After seeing my business card, a human resource manager asked me what sport I coached. Further explanation is always needed when I talk about coaching. Coaching is a foreign concept to the Chinese […]


ZGBriefs | November 19, 2020

[…] home in Midland. According to the lawsuit, Guo is orchestrating a “multi-faceted campaign of character assassination” to silence Pastor Fu and his longstanding work to promote religious freedom and human rights within China. Senior Chinese official says authorities working on more Hong Kong reforms, including judiciary  (November 16, 2020, Reuters) Zhang Xiaoming, deputy director of China’s Hong Kong and […]


ZGBriefs Newsletter for May 17, 2012

[…] us about China’s prospects. Blind dissident’s plight revives China rights movement (May 16, 2012, Reuters, by Sui-wee Lee) China may have sown the seeds of its next human rights row with the United States even as it looks to end the current one over blind dissident Chen Guangcheng, with its treatment of him inspiring […]


ZGBriefs | August 13, 2015

[…] at road crossings as paramilitary police, in tight single-file with ramrod straight backs, march past. Visitors entering town are stopped at checkpoints. Cars require special certification. Chinese Human Rights Lawyer Is Unexpectedly Freed a Day After Being Detained (August 8, 2015, The New York Times) A Beijing human rights lawyer said Saturday that he […]


April 11, 2013

[…] past (April 9, 2013, Reuters, via Yahoo!) China has earned praise from international scientists for its handling of an outbreak of a deadly new bird flu in humans, but a history of public health cover-ups means the Chinese public is harder to win over. Even as global authorities have said the new H7N9 bird […]


ZGBriefs | September 26, 2019

Zaha Hadid’s massive ‘starfish’ airport opens in Beijing  (September 25, 2019, The Guardian) The new mega-airport, the second in Beijing, was designed by the late architect Zaha Hadid in the shape of a starfish with five connected concourses. It is said to be the world’s largest single-building airport terminal. 


ZGBriefs | March 21, 2019

[…] True Jesus: Charisma and Organization in a Chinese Christian Church (New York: Oxford University Press, 2019). Drawing on historical and oral sources, Inouye presents a fascinating analysis of the well-known yet understudied Chinese Christian group, the True Jesus Church. Links for Researchers Full text: White paper on anti-terrorism, human rights protection in Xinjiang (March 18, 2019, China Daily)


ZGBriefs | April 30, 2020

[…] – dispatching facemasks and respirators overseas – is being hailed as the ultimate soft power play. But is this really soft power?  ‘A dream come true’: Chinese human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang reunited with family  (April 27, 2020, South China Morning Post) Released human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang  finally reunited with his ailing wife and son in Beijing […]


ZGBriefs | April 28, 2016

[…] (April 27, 2016, China Real Time) Chinese lawmakers are on the verge of approving a contentious law that treats overseas nonprofit groups as potential security threats. China human rights campaigner Harry Wu dies (April 27, 2016, AP) Harry Wu, a former political prisoner who dedicated his later life to exposing abuses in China's brutal […]

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Faith and Science in Dialogue among Chinese Christians

[…] time and space and the extreme complexity of the biological systems and genetic coding pointed to the existence of a creator and designer of the universe and human life. They heard an explanation of “general revelation” and “special revelation.” And they received an invitation to the Gospel. At the end of the Zoom conference, […]