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ZGBriefs | October 29, 2020

The Virginian Roots of Yunnan’s Tobacco Industry (October 27, 2020, Sixth Tone) Seven decades ago, American cigarettes were a form of social as well as economic currency in China. Now locals are more likely to be offering than taking.


ZGBriefs | October 8, 2020

Chinese families shun Western universities as coronavirus, strained ties are ‘scaring middle-class families’ (October 3, 2020, South China Morning Post) About 81 per cent of affluent Chinese families whose children study foreign curriculums and take foreign examinations have decided to postpone plans to send them abroad for undergraduate or graduate studies


ZGBriefs | September 24, 2020

China to allow foreigners with valid residence permits to enter from Sept 28 (September 23, 2020, Reuters) China’s foreign ministry said on Wednesday foreigners with valid residence permits can enter the country without needing to re-apply for visas from Sept. 28. Foreigners whose residence permits expired after March 28 can apply for visas at Chinese embassies and consulates for entry, the ministry said in a statement on its website.


ZGBriefs | August 27, 2020

Life on the Slow Train: Views of a Vanishing China  (August 21, 2020, Sixth Tone)First built in the 1950s, the iconic green trains are a relic of another age, differing in almost every way from the sleek high-speed rail cars replacing them. Tickets are dirt-cheap. The carriages are crowded, chaotic, and stifling in the summer […]

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Weathering the COVID Storm

Insights from a conversation about the effects of the Covid-19 crisis on the church in China.

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Be Open

What I Learned through My Church Experiences in China, the US, and the World

I am grateful for these past church experiences. Certainly, my church view will continue to change as I grow, but what remains unchanged is the beauty in God’s church. No matter where I go, I see the passion for Christ and his kingdom in each true believer, and the transparency, vulnerability, and love for one another in the church.


ZGBriefs | September 5, 2019

Love from the Margins: Lessons from 4 Pastors in China (August 29, 2019, The Gospel Coalition)
The power of perseverance comes from the Holy Spirit, not from social position or privilege.

The Lantern

Building Bridges

July news from ChinaSource.

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Understanding the Chinese Communist Party

Understanding the role of the CCP in Chinese society and how it functions is crucial. Here are resources to help.


ZGBriefs | June 14, 2018

How Bad Is Facebook’s New China Problem? (June 6, 2018, The Atlantic)
A Chinese tech giant with connections to the government appears to be among Facebook’s partners in a data-sharing program.