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Chinese Church Voices

A Jilin Church Gives Thanks

Giving thanks through dance, song, praise, testimony, drama, and the preaching of the Word.

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Reckoning with the “Ecclesial Diversity” of Chinese Christianity

Christianity in China and the global diaspora have taken on new layers of complexity, crossing many traditional boundaries. One of the editors of a new book on the subject reflects on what this means for the study of and working relationships in the Chinese church.

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Half a Dozen Plenums

The Sixth Plenum just finished a four-day meeting. What might the resolution that came out of the meeting mean for the church in China?

Chinese Church Voices

Practical Tips for Pastoral Enrichment (2)

Once a pastor is involved in full-time pastoral ministry it can be challenging to continue learning and growing in God’s word and effective ministry methods. This article from ChurchChina shares the insights of several pastors who participated in a forum on how to continue learning.

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China and Me

Growing up as I did in China, I had the privilege of listening and learning from many people who passed through our home and life.

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It would be a stretch to say that I have been to the city of Lanzhou, capital of Gansu Province. I can, however, claim to have been through it.

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Rickshaw Boy

A Book Review

Can poverty rob a man of his soul? Can betrayal by the things you love most break the constraints of the God-given conscience and society’s mores? Rickshaw Boy challenges the reader with these wrenching considerations. Though set in a bygone era in a culture that has since been transformed by globalization, Lao She speaks to us clearly—perhaps even more so than to his contemporaries.

The Lantern

Giving Thanks for His Peace

November news from ChinaSource.

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Opportunities in the Light of Kingdom Identities

As a Christian in Hong Kong, I am not only interested in the economic aspects of consolidation with our neighboring city; I am also interested in cross-border and cross-cultural exchanges of spiritual life between the communities. While the government creates synergy through conjoining the strengths of the two cities, we should explore whether the interaction between the Christians of the two locations can give rise to new opportunities for kingdom ministries.

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From the Middle East to the Middle Kingdom (Part 9)

The First Missionaries to China’s Hui

The 19th century CIM pioneers teach us about patience, the need to focus on one people group, and the role of suffering. Later innovators like Harris teach us the value of contextualizing our language and lifestyle.