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An Invitation to Lament

Lament is bringing our loss, our complaints to God, and as a result experiencing sweet communion with him in the midst of pain.

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Thinking about Multiplying Migrant Worker Churches in Urbanizing China

After an overview of current trends in migrant worker population growth throughout China, read about the ways that urbanization has influenced the expansion of migrant churches. Finally, discover five ideas to multiply migrant churches.


ZGBriefs | March 10, 2022

Who are the Chinese Diaspora in Ukraine? (March 4, 2022, The World of Chinese) The trade, education, and human connections between China and Ukraine—in infographics.

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Invisible China

A Book Review

[A]s Invisible China so clearly points out, for China’s trajectory to continue upward, the country must address and overcome the significant and complex issues facing the unseen rural millions of people living beyond the cities.


ZGBriefs | March 3, 2022

China quietly plans a pivot from ‘zero COVID’ (March 1, 2022, Science)

Under what’s now called “dynamic zero COVID,” localities have leeway to “tailor the measures to local conditions,” says HKU virologist Huachen Zhu. But the national government is pushing back at what it considers unnecessary local restrictions.

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When Nixon Went to China

Fifty years ago on February 21, 1972, Air Force One touched down at Beijing’s Capitol Airport. President Richard Nixon, his wife, and a rather large entourage of officials were onboard. That this visit was momentous is an understatement as it marked the beginning of a thaw that would not only change the relationship between the US and China, but would change the world.


ZGBriefs | February 24, 2022

3 Lessons for Chinese Churches from Herman Bavinck (February 18, 2022, Christianity Today) The Dutch theologian’s concern for the catholic, contextual, and public nature of the Christian faith can help congregations overcome sectarianism and stereotypes.

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The Seed of the Church and the Modern Missions Movement

The Lord is building this eternal dwelling and the stones he is using to construct this beautiful “holy temple” include dedicated young men and women from various parts of China like the two martyrs in Pakistan and like the Bernheims.

The Lantern

Our Plans and God’s Provision

February news from ChinaSource.

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Partnership with a Purpose

Partnership is for a limited time as the national church learns to tap into previously unnoticed local resources. A successful partnership takes time and trust.