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February 13, 2014

[…] found in other regions of the province. ECONOMICS / BUSINESS / TRADE Could the Yuan Be Overvalued? (February 11, 2014, China Real Time) The yuan isnt too cheap but too expensive, and poised for a fall, Diana Choyleva of London-based analysis firm Lombard Street Research argued in a report last week. Strong China January […]

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ZGBriefs The Weeks Top Picks, January 3 Issue

[…] their parents. Most are the offspring of peasants who have flocked to cities in one of the largest migrations in human history. For three decades, the migrants' cheap labor has fueled China's rise as an economic juggernaut. But the city workers are so squeezed by high costs and long hours that many send their […]


December 27, 2013

[…] two decades, China has become the global capital of textile manufacturing, as firms abandoned places like South Carolina to take advantage of Chinas seemingly endless supply of cheap labor. Now, with labor and other costs rising at home, Chinese textile entrepreneurs are looking east over the Pacific and wondering whether its time to move […]