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The End of Cheap China

[…] and Managing Director of the China Market Research Group, and he is also a frequent contributing commentator on Shaun's new book is titled The End of Cheap China. In the book, he interviews Chinese billionaires, senior government officials, migrant workers and even prostitutes to track China's evolution, leading to his insights on how […]

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Stewarding the Environment

China’s Energy Future

[…] Mikkal E Herberg and Zhidong Li. NBR Special Report (The National Bureau of Asian Research) 47, no. (November 2014), 10. ^ "China's Smog War Seen Dooming Coal on " Cheap but Dirty" Purge." BloombergBusiness. May 19, 2015. (accessed May 20, 2015). ^ Andrews-Speed, “China’s Energy,” 12. ^ Herberg, Mikkal E. "China's Search for Oil and Gas Security: Prospect and […]

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China’s WTO Accession—One Year Later

[…] At the same time, China has increased both import and export volumes. Exports, although lower than expected, are still going strong mainly due to the demand for cheap, quality Chinese products as well as the development of new markets. The cost of general consumer items is down as many jituans are engaging in cutthroat […]

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The Future of Business as Mission in China

[…] do this for more than two years. However, with China building miles and miles of high-speed trains crisscrossing hundreds of cities across China, the increasing availability of cheap local flights, national phone calls becoming cheaper and the increase of Internet access (now approaching one-third of Chinese homes), many people are more willing to live […]

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China in 2020

Vol. 9, No. 3

[…] world, there are Chinese people energetically pursuing their various activities. China is no longer synonymous just with Chinese restaurants featuring all kinds of tasty delicacies, or with cheap consumer goods sold in discount stores. China already possesses the power to seriously influence world markets; to affect the decisions of the United Nations; even to […]


ZGBriefs | May 24, 2018

Baozi vs. Jiaozi (May 20, 2018, Transparent Language) Both are cheap, delicious little bundles of joy, so you really can’t go wrong either way.


June 19, 2014

[…] real estate types to dive for cover. 52 Chinese Brands You Ought to Know (June 13, 2014, Nanjing Marketing Group) Gone is the myth that China produces cheap goods that no one wants. Im going to look at the biggest Chinese companies and how they are developing. Below is a list of categories. For […]


February 7, 2013

[…] / TECHNOLOGY / ENVIRONMENT A week in smog-bound Beijing's 'airpocalypse' in pictures (February 1, 2013, The Guardian) BUSINESS / ECONOMICS / FOREIGN TRADE IMF: The era of cheap labor in China may be ending (February 1, 2013, The Washington Post) China is on the eve of a demographic shift that will have profound consequences […]

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A New Understanding of the Relationship between Christianity and Chinese Culture

[…] have monopolized questions of Christian identity in China since the 1980s, and the result is a church that while not necessarily “less Chinese” is certainly more global. Cheap air travel, labor migration, tourism, study abroad, and the Internet bind the villagers to the popular culture of global Catholicism even though their church remains formally […]


March 28, 2013

[…] question is all wrong. China is already transforming Africa, the question is how China is transforming Africa, not whether it can. From the China shopssmall stores selling cheap clothing, bags, and kitchenwarethat have become ubiquitous in Southern Africa, to oil, infrastructure and mining projects across the continent, Chinas government, private and state companies, and […]