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Reading Tea Leaves from the 2021 National Religious Work Conference

[…] to keep religion in check, from the Women’s Federation to the workers’ unions. The speech is filled with verbs like analyzing, preparing, and understanding, but mentions “ Sinicization” only twice. Sinicization was still relatively young as a concept, so this isn’t entirely surprising. From 2021 Onward Looking forward, Chinese President and Chinese Communist Party […]

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7 Reasons Why Sinicization Is Not Rhetoric This Time

[…] just the house churches. 5. The “Why” (against) The rhetoric has changed a bit as well. Specifically, official propaganda is much more “anti-Western” than in previous campaigns. Sinicization is portrayed as a struggle against the oppression and imperialism of Western powers, especially the United States. In a recent speech, Xu Xiaohong, Chairman of the […]

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The Three-Self Patriotic Movement

Divergent Perspectives and Grassroots Realities

[…] possibility of reconciliation between the socialist system and Protestant theology, whereas by the late 2010s and into 2020 and beyond it is taking the form of “ Sinicization,” the harmonization of Christian theology with traditional Chinese culture, as a way to channel and tame Protestant zeal.3 Nearly any TSPM effort to promote theological change […]

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The Sinicization of Religion

When speaking about religious policies, Chinese authorities and official media outlets can throw around a heavily loaded word: “ Sinicization.” In very simple terms, “Sinicization” can mean to “make Chinese” or even “China-fy,” but that’s just on the surface. Going deeper, that word carries stronger connotations related to government intervention in religious activities. For […]

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Sinicization: China Only for the Chinese

Sinicization attempts to close the Chinese mind to all that is not CCP-approved and to once again shut the window on the world.

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Sinicization” of Christianity—Understanding the Contexts

A look at the political, rhetorical, historical, and theological contexts of sinicization

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Persecution and Sinicization in China

A Reading Round-up

[…] Religious Affairs (SARA) was abolished and its duties transferred to the United Work Front Department (UFWD), a Communist Party organ. Finally, the Party has launched a “ Sinicization” campaign, designed to bring all segments of society not just under its control, but to force all segments to align their values with both traditional Chinese […]

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3 Questions: Sinicization or Chinafication?

[…] will be other specific regulations on other aspects of religious affairs, such as regulations of religious venues.  3.  How do these new regulations relate to the “ Sinicization” campaign? First of all, I think Zhongguohua should not be translated as Sinicization. Sinicization means han-hua, culturally assimilating into the culture of the Han people, the […]

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Where Is the Chinese Missionary Movement Headed in the New Era?

[…] movement headed? This article looks at the future of China’s missionary movement from three perspectives: the assimilation of ethnic groups with the state and the Party, the Sinicization of religion, and the increased use of grid-based management. Ethnic Groups-Party-State Assimilation In November 2012, at the First Plenum of the 18th Party Congress, Xi Jinping […]

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Half a Dozen Plenums

[…] must be Chinese in orientation and provided active guidance for the adaptation of religions to socialist society.2 Perhaps a more complete answer would be “a continuation of Sinicization.” The Chinese text for this small section uses the words “中国化” which is also often translated as “Sinicization.” A lot has been written about Sinicization in […]