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Closing a Perception/Reality Gap

A Book Review

Religious Freedom in China: Policy, Administration, and Regulation; A Research Handbook by Kim-kwong Chan and Eric R. Carlson Reviewed by Brent Fulton This volume provides reliable information about religious policy and its implementation in China. 

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The Space between Policy, Practice, and Persecution

Mention the church in China and the conversation invariably turns toward China's religious policy, the underlying assumption being that the Chinese government is bent on suppressing Christianity. In the most recent issue of ChinaSource Quarterly we take a closer look at this question. As with most things in China, both the stated policy and […]

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Put Down the Tea Leaves (and Look Out the Window)

[…] to separate out significant long-term trends from those events that, while appearing important in the moment, may prove to be mere distractions. This is particularly true for those working with the church in China, who often attempt to "read the tea leaves," through the lens of religious policy and its immediate affect upon China's Christians.

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China does a lot of things.

In this vein we often hear that "China" persecutes Christians. The assumption behind this statement is that the Chinese government has a specific policy of cracking down on the church, and that this policy is uniformly implemented across China. As Joann Pittman points out in the current issue of the ChinaSouce Quarterly, the idea […]

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Why China Needs Two

The big news out of China last week was, of course, the Party’s decision to alter its longstanding family planning policy.

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How China’s Religious Affairs Bureaucracy Works

[…] a party office and the CCP is more powerful than the state. The UFWD reports directly to the highest level of the CCP and generally sets broad policy directions for religious affairs. (The UFWD also oversees work with overseas Chinese and ethnic minority affairs.) In the 1950s, the Chinese Communist Party selected a few […]


ZGBriefs | November 5, 2015

[…] the world through which Beijing is broadcasting China-friendly news and programming. Chinese newspaper editor sacked for criticising Beijing's 'war on terror' (November 2, 2015, The Guardian) Zhao Xinwei was removed from the state-run Xinjiang Daily for ‘improperly’ discussing government policy in China’s violence-stricken western region. US to return to South China Sea after warship […]

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The Three-Self Patriotic Movement

Divergent Perspectives and Grassroots Realities

[…] among Protestants for the previous three decades. That legacy of persecution continued to haunt the memories of these Protestants for several reasons. First, despite the new Deng Xiaoping era’s promise that the CCP would now accommodate religion, there had never been a reckoning with the past, much less a “truth and reconciliation” process to […]


Policy, Implementation, and Shifting Official Perceptions of the Church in China

[…] in China being harassed, fined, detained and oppressed through discriminatory policies often lead outside observers to conclude that the Chinese government is pursuing a concerted and consistent policy to restrict Christian activity and stem the growth of Christianity. While these troubling incidents remain a reality of life in China, a survey of the larger […]

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100 Years of God’s Protection and Guidance (Part 2)

Policies and Plans in Favor of Christianity

[…] Religion in Historical Perspective”, American Journal of Sociology, Vol 122, No. 6, May 2017, p. 1698. 李聖風, 宣æ•™中國2030, Great Commission Bi-Monthly, Issue 110 Jun 2014, p. 21- 24. Lu Yunfeng, Wu Yue, Zhang Chunni, “How Many Protestants are There in China: An Estimate Based on China Family Panel Studies”, Kaifang Shidai (開放時代), (1) 2019, […]