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ZGBriefs | December 30, 2021

Overseas organizations, individuals not allowed to operate online religious info services within the Chinese territory: regulations (December 21, 2021, The Global Times) The measures stipulated that online preaching should be organized and carried out by religious groups, temples and churches and religious colleges that have obtained the Internet Religious Information Service Permit.


ZGBriefs | December 23, 2021

Patrick Wack’s Photographs of Xinjiang (December 16, 2021, China File) Craving a change of scenery and a desire to witness a region at the “crossroads” of history, in 2016 he set out on what would be the first of six trips to photograph China’s far western region of Xinjiang.

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CMC Global 2021

Register for CMC Global 2021 and be encouraged by what God is doing around the world.


ZGBriefs | December 16, 2021

The building blocks of Chinese, part 5: Making sense of Chinese words (December 15, 2021, Hacking Chinese) You do need to know characters, but you also need to know how they fit together into words.


ZGBriefs | December 9, 2021

China’s Cultural Crackdowns: A guide (December 2, 2021, Sup China) From classrooms to phone screens to celebrity idols, the Chinese government is tightening its control over Chinese society.


ZGBriefs | November 18, 2021

Weibo Discusses: How Has the Covid Epidemic Changed Your Life? (November 11, 2021, What’s on Weibo) The topic triggered thousands of comments from people sharing their thoughts and experiences, but the post that started the discussion (@人间投影仪) simply said: “I’d like to go back to a world where we don’t need to wear masks.”


ZGBriefs | November 11, 2021

Xi Jinping cements his power with resolution on history (November 10, 2021, MERICS) Meticulously worded and politically charged, it is a powerful document that determines the official narrative of party history and is to be used as an ideological guide for policies in the future.


ZGBriefs | November 4, 2021

Hopes for China Reopening Dashed by New Limits on Airline Flights This Winter (October 29, 2021, Skift) The world is slowly reopening for wider travel. China, for now, will not be part of that movement. Airlines are among those feeling the brunt.


ZGBriefs | October 28, 2021

China is removing domes from mosques as part of a push to make them more 'Chinese' (October 24, 2021, NPR) China is removing the domes and minarets from thousands of mosques across the country. Authorities say the domes are evidence of foreign religious influence and are taking down overtly Islamic architecture as part of a push to sinicize historically Muslim ethnic groups — to make them more traditionally Chinese.


ZGBriefs | October 21, 2021

Things Confucius Never Said (October 16, 2021, Sixth Tone) But the sayings quoted by your teacher, grandma, and “spiritual” friends may well never have actually been uttered by Confucius; or if they were, they could have been wildly misrepresented since his death.