Resources on Evangelism

Dec 20, 2016

Christmas and Evangelism

by ChinaSource Team

In this article, originally published in Gospel Times, a Christian openly wonders about the effectiveness Christmas evangelistic services.

Dec 1, 2015

Conversation between a Taxi Driver and a Pastor

by ChinaSource Team

Taxi drivers in China are some of the most interesting people to talk with. Since they interact with ordinary people all day long, they are often a great source of information about what Chinese people are thinking. In this post, translated from the Chinese blog Building Healthy Families, a taxi driver asks his passenger, a Christian pastor, to explain the gospel to him. It’s an interesting window into the types of questions a Chinese seeker might have and a model for how to respond to them.

Sep 15, 1999

Discipling the Unreached Peoples of China

by Jim Nickel

The Adopt-a-People concept has caught on, and many individuals, churches, and agencies are making a focus on a particular people group the heart of their mission strategy. Here are some suggestions relating to the challenge of actually reaching the peoples of China with the gospel.