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Chinese Church Voices—translations enabling the English-speaking community outside of China to listen in on conversations taking place within China’s online Christian community. Drawing from a variety of sources representing both the registered and unregistered Chinese churches, clergy and laity, we translate sermons, articles, blog posts, and micro-blogs that are written by Christians in China. 

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Sep 10, 2012

An Interview with Pastor Yuan Zhi-ming

by ChinaSource Team

Last week the New York Review of Books blog published an interview of American-based Chinese pastor Yuan Zhi-ming conducted by journalist Ian Johnson. In the 1980's Yuan Zhi-ming was a documentary film-maker in China. Because of his involvement in the 1989 protest movement, he was forced to flee China, eventually ending up in the United States. He became a Christian in 1992, and started the China Soul for Christ Foundation, which produced the documentary The Cross: Jesus in China.

Sep 3, 2012

Don't Just be a "Sunday Christian"

by ChinaSource Team

The "Sunday Christian" phenomenon is not just a feature of lukewarm churches in the West. The demands of urban life in China have taken their toll on the commitment of Christians there as well. In this online church publication, two Chinese believers point out the dangers both for the spiritual life of the individual Christian as well as for the church.

Aug 30, 2012

Christianity in Guangdong - an Interview

by ChinaSource Team

This is the third section of an article on the "Fuyinmen" (Gospel Door) website titled "Christianity Brings Western Medicine to Guangdong Province." The first two sections can be found in the previous two posts. In this third section, the reporter conducts an interview with Protestant church officials from Guangdong Province concerning the historical development of the Church in the province.

Aug 26, 2012

Christianity Brings Western Medicine to Guangdong (Part 2)

by ChinaSource Team

The first part of the article on the Fuyinmen (Gospel Door) website focused on western missionary work in the medical field in Guangdong. The second part of the article focuses on education and a missionary's encounter with Hong Xiuquan, who would later lead the Taiping Rebellion.

Aug 20, 2012

Christianity Brings Western Medicine to Guangdong (Part 1)

by ChinaSource Team

In recent years it has become more common for political and religious leaders in China to acknowledge some of the positive aspects of early foreign missionary work in China. 

Aug 16, 2012

25 Danger Signals for Christians

by ChinaSource Team

This anonymous post, on the popular Christian site Living Water, warns Christians to guard against complacency in their relationships, ministry, and pursuit of Christ. 

Aug 9, 2012

Five Major Challenges Facing the Church

by ChinaSource Team

"Faith is not just a beautiful adornment added to our lives; it encompasses our entire lives. Truth is not a set of ideas or theories, but personal realities for which one can live and die." This article presents a detailed analysis of the challenges facing the church in todays society. It was originally posted on the Sina blog of Xing Pinghuang, and later re-posted on the Gospel Times website.

Aug 6, 2012

Humble Chinese House Church Pastor Moses Xie Finds His Rest

by ChinaSource Team

This brief eulogy recalls the life and influence of Moses Xie, a patriarch in the 20th century Chinese church who endured more than two decades of imprisonment for his refusal to cooperate with the Three Self Patriotic Movement following its formation in the early 1950s. Following his release in the early 1980s Pastor Xie became a mentor to many young leaders and at times a spokesman on behalf of Christians in China to the outside world. He passed away in June of 2011, and this was published in Church China Journal in July of 2011.

Jul 23, 2012

BSF Launches Program at Haidian Church and Fengtai Church in Beijing

by ChinaSource Team

This article from the Gospel Times website in October of 2011 is about the launch of BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) in Beijing. 

Jul 20, 2012

A Marriage Testimony

by ChinaSource Team

This is from the testimony section of the website for Zion Church in Beijing. It is the story of Gods grace in a difficult marriage.