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Chinese Church Voices—translations enabling the English-speaking community outside of China to listen in on conversations taking place within China’s online Christian community. Drawing from a variety of sources representing both the registered and unregistered Chinese churches, clergy and laity, we translate sermons, articles, blog posts, and micro-blogs that are written by Christians in China. 

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Aug 15

What Not to Say When Disaster Strikes

by ChinaSource Team

How should Christians respond when others face disaster? What should they say? What shouldn't they say?

Aug 1

Why China Needs a Higher Righteousness

by ChinaSource Team

In June, video footage of a tragic traffic accident surfaced online, once again prompting questions of morality in Chinese society by Chinese netizens. The incident occurred on April 21 in Zhumadian, Henan province. The video shows a woman who was blindsided by one car while crossing the street and left there by pedestrians. Several people and several cars pass through the intersection without stopping to help. Sadly, the woman is struck again by another car and killed. In this article from the journal Territory, Pastor An analyzes the incident and comments that a cold wave of self-righteousness has swept through Chinese society and says, “what we need is a higher righteousness” to counter this wave of self-righteousness.

Jul 25

20 Things a New Chinese Pastor Needs to Learn About Ministry

by ChinaSource Team

Christians in China today are able to share relatively easily about ministry on social media. Pastors’ personal blogs are one unique vantage point into church life in China. In this article, Chen Fengsheng, a Three-Self pastor in Wenzhou, provides budding pastors with timely advice on how to prepare for a healthy pastoral ministry. He gives “twenty realities” of ministry life that will help set up fresh seminary graduates for the pastorate.  

Jul 18

More Hope for the Future

by ChinaSource Team

In this short video profile, China Christian Daily sketches the work of Home of Hope, a Christian orphanage in Hebei province. The video gives a touching peek into one of the ways Chinese Christians impact society.

Jul 11

Responding to Despair, Part 2

"Blue Whale" or Christian Faith?

by ChinaSource Team

Last week we posted the first part of an article from Territory about the entrance of the “death game” Blue Whale into China and its effect on teens in China. Part one detailed the workings of the game. The second part describes a Chinese Christian’s response to the game and the gospel’s message of hope for teens in China. This is part two.

Jul 4

Responding to Despair, Part 1

"Blue Whale" or Christian Faith?

by ChinaSource Team

Chinese news sources report that teens in China have fallen victim to a social media “death game” that has its origins in Russia. This game preys on teens who suffer from depression and encourages them to commit suicide. Through threats and blackmail, teens are progressively drawn closer to danger.

The Christian journal Territory recently detailed the dark workings of the death game. The author of the article, A Qian, writes of his own experience with depression and how his faith played an instrumental role in understanding his depression. A Qian describes from a Chinese Christian perspective how the Christian faith provides good news and counters the dark hopelessness of the death game, particularly for Chinese teens.

Jun 27

Take a Tour of 5 Historic Christian Sites in Hangzhou

by ChinaSource Team

Some of China’s most famous universities and hospitals were founded by Christian missionaries. Take a quick tour around some of the historic Christian sites in the southern city of Hangzhou with this article from Gospel Times. Once thriving with Christian presence, Hangzhou is a city where its past continues to come alive today.

Jun 20

Mourning Two Chinese Christians Killed in Pakistan

by ChinaSource Team

News of two Chinese Christians killed in Pakistan last week by ISIS shocked many Chinese Christians. On Chinese social media channels, bloggers have offered their prayers for the two martyrs and have tried to piece together exactly what happened. Lots of confusion surrounded the events. Details are still forthcoming.

Jun 13

A Three-Self Pastor Prays for Those Taking the "Gaokao"

by ChinaSource Team

Last week millions of Chinese high school students took the annual two-day college entrance exam know as, the gaokao. For these students and their families, much of their young lives have led up to this moment. Many of their future hopes and dreams also ride on their exam scores.

While stress ran high, Chen Fengsheng, a Three-Self pastor in Wenzhou, offered this prayer for the gaokao season.