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Mark Wickersham is the 6th to 9th grade assistant principal at Evansville Christian School in Southern Indiana (United States) where his wife, a 19-year Middle Kingdom resident and ESL instructor, corrects his grammar. Mark taught in Indiana and South Korea before serving as a coach, teacher, or principal in China for 13 years. They are the parents to three children, ages five to fourteen. Find Mark’s latest posts at or contact him by LinkedIn.

Apr 14

10 Months after Leaving China

by Mark Wickersham

It has been 308 days since we left China and landed in the good ol’ USA. You would think that would be plenty of time to have made the transition back to our home state of Indiana, but we’re still definitely in transition mode. 

Nov 18, 2016

7 Recommendations before Saying “Zaijian” to China

by Mark Wickersham

Saying goodbye to China and hello to a new culture and home—and doing it well.

Feb 3, 2016

At Home in This World

A China Adoption Story

by Mark Wickersham

At Home in This World . . . a China Adoption Story by Jean Macleod. 

Reviewed by Mark Wickersham

Jan 8, 2016

Three Names of Me

A Book Review

by Mark Wickersham

Three Names of Me by Mary Cummings.

Reviewed by Mark Wickersham.