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Apr 20

Financial Considerations in Chinese Missionary Sending

Sources of Support and Difficulties in Raising Finances

by GJ and Si Shi (四石)

From the series Missions from China—A Maturing Movement

The Chinese church passionately desires participation in missionary sending. A study performed with long-term Chinese missionaries reveals four main current sources of support for Chinese mission activity. Common methods of missionary fund-raising are examined and frequently encountered fund-raising difficulties are reviewed.  The Chinese church has difficulty financially supporting mission service and at the current time alternative strategies for Chinese missionary funding are still needed.

Mar 20

Is Persecution Worsening?

Perspectives on the Changing Religious Policy Environment in China

by Two senior house church leaders

Is persecution in China increasing? Two house church leaders, one who was imprisoned in a labor camp for a few years, and the other who is a Chinese scholar with strengths in theological education and the history of the Chinese church, give their viewpoints on this topic.

Mar 20

As China Grows Older

by Brent Fulton

China’s elderly population is burgeoning and the question becomes, “Who will care for them?” Families are finding this difficult, and neither the government nor society are currently prepared to provide the resources needed to address this. However, China’s Christian community has several advantages that would allow them to meet this need. Urban Christians could care for the elderly in their midst and also offer a service to the larger community which would enhance the church’s standing in society.

Mar 20

The Expectations of the Chinese Church

by Steve Z.

China’s churches desire partnerships with overseas entities. However, as the church has become increasingly urban, the nature of those partnerships must change in response to the changes occurring in society and thus, in the church. Overseas organizations must understand these changes and consider carefully how they can best partner with the church in China.

Mar 20

When Tea Meets Coffee

by Peony Tang and Zoe Zhou

A conversation between two friends, one an overseas Chinese woman and the other from mainland China who has studied overseas, centers around the cultural gap between believers in China and those who come from overseas to help them. Mistaken perceptions, communication issues, and the importance of relationships are discussed.

Mar 20

Perceptions and Priorities of Christian Leaders in China

by Brent Fulton

A recent survey of Christian leaders in China and representatives of churches and organizations outside China that work with these leaders provides insight into the health of China’s churches and their ministry priorities. It also looks at their involvement in society and mission outreach. In addition, participants were surveyed regarding restrictions they had experienced due to religious policy.

Mar 20

Excitement, Realism, and Incisive Commentary

by Ronald Boyd-MacMillan

A review of Christ in China: An Anthology by Ronald Boyd-MacMillan

In appreciation of Tony and Frances Lambert’s 34 years of faithful service, OMF-Hong Kong has published an anthology of forty-six of Tony’s monthly analyses of the story of Christianity in China. Written between the years 1987 to 2016, these articles cover aspects of the greatest revival story of the world church of the past 50 years, as well as selections that give unique slants on the contemporary story.

Mar 20

Intercessory Notes

Vol. 19, No. 1

by ChinaSource Team

Items requiring your intercession.

Mar 20

A Journey of Opportunity

Following God’s Direction in China

An Infographic

by ChinaSource Team

An infographic for understanding the needs and perspectives of the 1,200 Chinese church leaders voiced in the 2016 survey of the China Gospel Research Alliance.